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Francis X. McConville has over 35 years of experience in the chemical and related industries, including process development and scale-up, with expertise in asymmetric crystallization, biocatalytic conversion and fermentation as well as traditional chemical synthetic methods. He is perhaps best known as the author of the Pilot Plant Real Book, a unique handbook for process development personnel, which he wrote and self-published in 2006.

Mr. McConville spent 14 years as a process engineer at Sepracor, Inc. where he helped develop cost-effective processes for numerous pharmaceutical actives and intermediates. He was a key member of the technology transfer and scale-up teams for the company's collaborations in Asia, Europe and North America. He was educated at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, from which he holds Masters degrees in both Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. This varied background allows him to bring a unique and valuable mix of skills to his work. He now works as a consultant and training instructor and lives with his family in Worcester, Massachusetts. See his complete curriculum vitae.

For the past 12 years, Mr. McConville has been affiliated with IMPACT Technology Development, Inc.IMPACT Technology Development, Inc. of Devens, Mass., a contract development and engineering firm focused on resolving technology-based issues in pharma, fine chemicals, biotech and medical devices. He has also provided expert witness testimony in several IP and technology-related litigations. He also teaches an industrial training course for R&D personnel entitled "Secrets of Batch Process Scale-Up" through UK-based Scientific Update. The course has been presented over 50 times throughout Europe and North America and is available to be taught in-house.

Areas of Expertise:
Process Technology
• Asymmetric Crystallization
• Selective Biocatalysis
• Fermentation
• Crystallization
• Product Drying
Scale-Up/Tech Transfer

• Process Optimization
• Scalability Studies
• Haz-Op Reviews
• Economic Modeling
• Start-Up/Troubleshooting

• cGMP for Pharma
• Equipment Spec
• System Design
• SOP Development
• Training

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